I have more respect for Rick Warren now having seen this interview. If you have any issues with John Piper, I pray you will watch this amazing interview and hear his heart. This is a great thing for the body of Christ. Thank you Desiring God ministries.

John Piper and Rick Warren interview on Doctrine

These are the tough questions that all Christians should be discussing with each other. Enjoy.

Click on the picture to be taken to the Desiring God blog in order to view the video or click here.

Warren apparently believes the doctrines of grace, or otherwise called Calvinism, with some confusion over limited atonement. This interview at least opens it all up for discussion. Do you think he is Reformed or is he just trying to make all the Calvinists happy? If he is just trying to make the Calvinists happy, is that a good thing? By doing this, wouldn’t he just be making all his Arminian followers angry and in some way shooting himself in the foot with the majority of his followers? What are your thoughts?

  1. Adam says:

    I found myself asking many of the same questions after watching this interview. You could tell Rick Warren felt very comfortable with John Piper and maybe he was just feeding Piper answers. I thought this interview would answer a lot of questions, but I have found myself asking possibly more questions after the interview. I am not quite willing to say Warren is a Calvinist, because I am not for sure how he applies many of the things he believes. For example, most Christians believe God is sovereign, but also believe he can’t go above our free will. So, the jury is still out, but I find it all very fascinating.


  2. counsel says:

    you should take the – Piper in the dock – survey.


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