Some Questions for Rob Bell

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Church, Theology

If you haven’t heard by now, Rob Bell is releasing a controversial new book called Love Wins. He also released this video, which made every Bible-believing Christian scratch their head with confusion.

There are way better bloggers out there who have written way better reviews of this book. For the best review I have read so far, click here. This review is by Kevin DeYoung and is very insightful and also very long. I am saying this with all my soul, it is worth the read though.
Right before I read this article, I watched a six minute video of Rob Bell trying to explain this book to a group of people. He talked about the fact that if it is to really be “love” it must be freely chosen and there must not be any coercion or drawing toward God by God. Then I found this article and started to read. When I got about half of the way done with it, I started to ponder these questions…

If people are getting second chances in hell, and God’s love wins, and God will eventually melt all sinners’ hard hearts, isn’t that in some way going against their free-will and coercing them?

Also, if God can melt their heart eventually (even after they’re in hell), God would surely have the power to do so before they entered hell… so why not save them BEFORE they go to hell if God is going to save them anyways?

And then Kevin DeYoung asked this same kind of question in the end,

“Bell’s god is a small god, so bound by notions of radical free will that I wonder how Bell can be so confident God’s love will melt the hardest heart. If God’s grace is always, essentially, fundamentally, resistible (72, 103–4, 118–19), how do we know some sinners won’t suffer in their own hell for a million years?”

And I would add, how do we know that they won’t suffer for eternity? Someone once said bad theology dishonors God and hurts people. Rob Bell’s book seems to go contrary to 99% of normal people’s understanding of Christianity. I could write so much more about it, but I don’t believe I would be saying anything new.

I challenge all who consider themselves Christian to pick up a copy of Rob Bell’s new book Love Wins and your Bible and see how much of the Bible makes sense with this way of thinking. One of my mottoes in life is this… if something has been considered normal Christian thought and belief for thousands of years, and it makes the Bible make sense, then we should believe it. If something is believed by less than 5% of all Christians in all time and it makes the Bible confusing, then it is false teaching. Judge for yourself.

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