I saw this video and thought it was fantastic. This man talks about a code that lies within the first five books of the Bible:

Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

These first five books were written by Moses. When referring to it from the original language (Hebrew), its English rendering is Torah, meaning “law'” or “instruction” (originally TORH in Hebrew). When referring to it in the Greek, it is called the Pentateuch, meaning “five-volumed.” Also a little background knowledge, the original name for God in the Bible is Yahweh. However, in the original language, they did not have vowels, so if you take Yahweh and remove the vowels you get YHWH.

Yahweh is actually YHWH

Torah is actually TORH

Okay, now with all that introductory knowledge, please watch this short video clip. Pretty amazing evidence of God’s affirmation of the authority of the Bible.


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