Use Inception to Reveal Our Deception

Posted: July 23, 2010 in Church, Theology, Thinking
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I don’t know if you have been a Christian long enough to remember this, but at the turn of the century Christians used the movie The Matrix to explain what we Christians believe. If you just type into Google the terms “the matrix” and “Christianity” you will find a multitude of links. Even books were written to explain a variety of parallels. I believe we have found the equivalent for our decade. It’s called Inception. If you haven’t seen this movie, please see it. It might take more than one view to fully understand it, but I promise it will be worth it. Just like The Matrix’s parallels to Christianity, Inception isn’t a perfect parallel either. A lot of similarities can be drawn though. I believe that we need to use this movie to expressing the gospel with non-believers. You may be sitting there reading this and thinking, “what parallels are there?” Here is a video that will help you see just a few.

  1. penultima says:

    If a person can’t successfully explain the gospel without referencing secular ideas, that is a serious problem.

    • If we NEED to use secular things to help explain the gospel then yes, this is a big problem. But, I’ve noticed that the whole internet world & a lot of my personal friends are all talking about this movie. I think it would be wise to understand how the gospel can be seen, in no perfect ways, but in some ways in this movie. That way we can make a smooth segway into conversation about Jesus & what he’s done for us. Just like Paul we can become all things to all men. We can just come into a conversation & preach the gospel, & because our Lord is sovereign & powerful, people could be saved. That approach, which I do agree with, can be used in conjunction with applying whatever is current in the world with the Truth of Jesus Christ & his Gospel. Both ways can be used by our Sovereign King to save people.

    • Mike Yusko says:

      How about Paul and the altar to an unknown God?

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